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This Privacy Policy applies to the online directory service - (the Website) - offered by Robert's Media (RM) for the information of Website visitors, and the promotion of Tradesmen/Suppliers
Most specifically the Policy relates to the collection, storage, use and possible transmission by RM of the data you supply to Website as either a Visitor or a Tradesman/Supplier advertiser.

It is recommended that as well as reading this Privacy Policy, you should carefully read the Terms of Use provided, before proceeding to access and use the Website. Your access and use - beyond the Home Page - of any other page/s in the Website indicates your acceptance and approval of both the supplied Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

Collection of information collects information from you - both through commercial Member (Advertiser) registrations, and through Member (Visitor) registrations - in a legal and open fashion, respecting the appropriate Acts and Laws.

Additionally, as in standard industry practice in public interaction with a website, we do record the Internet Protocol number ("IP address") which identifies the server through which you are using the internet and our Website. This is applied simply to confirm your identity, and - from time to time - to send you information about the Website and related promotions, either by email or ordinary post

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Throughout the Internet industry, these anonymous Cookies are commonly used to monitor traffic on a site and provide statistics.

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Any data that you provide to is for our use only and is not disclosed on Listings or Feature Packages, or elsewhere on the Website.

Your data will not be sold or rented to any other third party.

RM will only disclose your Registration Data if ordered by a court, subpoenas or legal process. (see also "Terms of Use") and will take all reasonable care to maintain the security of your data.

Contacting you will contact you by email or ordinary mail at the address you provide to:
* Keep you updated on new Website features and facilities, and any promotions, which could be of interest
* Check your business & residency

If you wish to terminate your membership of the Website and/or decline to receive any further email information from the Website, please contact the direct or through the Contact Us page to resign and unsubscribe. All data related to your Membership will be deleted from the database.
A reminder - naturally, your membership in the Website is dependant on our ability to contact you - so such request may result in termination of your membership.

Privacy problems or questions

All questions and concerns regarding this privacy policy should be addressed to direct or through the Contact Us page.

Future changes

From time to time we may add new features or facilities to the Website necessitating that our policies be altered. RM reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time. Notification of such changes will ONLY be made by posting updated versions of the policy on the Website. Any amended Privacy Policy will apply to all visitor/Users and Member/users based on this posting.



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