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Frequently Asked Questions

How does STM work?

Tradesmen & Suppliers throughout Sydney are able to subscribe to the advertising listing or page ad category of their choice. Householders & the Public are able to search for a particular tradesman or product supplier in their area and contact them directly; either by phone, fax or e-mail form. Contact is FREE between the public and the tradesmen/suppliers, and is not restricted by STM.

How much does STM cost?

Public customers are able to search FREE OF CHARGE, and without subscription for any tradesmen. You only have to register - so we know who you are if you get in touch with us later.
Tradesmen/Suppliers are able to list their business from just $3 per week (excl. GST).
We also offer three Membership Package levels - Gold, Silver and Bronze Learn More

What is the STM rating system? How does it work?

Once a customer has had a tradesman from STM conduct their work - they are able to rate the service they received, on the website. This is done through a secure review system that is unable to be easily manipulated, abused or sabotaged. When an STM customer contacts a tradesperson/supplier via an e-mail contact form, and the designated job is then completed, the customer is able to provide feedback on that tradesperson’s or supplier’s performance - as long as they are Registered on the Website. The feedback rating is on a "One to Five Star" basis on the standard of service received.

Public question: Why can I not find a tradesman in my area?

As mentioned above, STM requires and invites tradesmen to sign up to the website themselves. Not all regions (and trades) currently have listings for tradesmen. Some trades are generally more popular; hence more listings.

Trade question: Why is my trade not listed on STM?

STM is dedicated to providing its service to quality tradesmen - primarily those involved in the building, construction and home maintenance industries. If you believe your trade or service warrants inclusion we would like to hear from you. Please contact us with suggestions.

Who is How can I reach them?

STM is an independent business, owned and operated by Robert's Media. We can be contacted via the contact us link. For media enquiries, interviews or additional information about STM please do not hesitate to contact us - during business hours on 9550 0011 - or by email



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